Friday, 17 February 2012

The weekend of Feb 4th..

Well I had my blog all typed out and guess what? My computer died and it got deleted. I guess I need to update more frequently so if it happens again I don’t lose 2 week’s worth of good stuff!
                 So let’s see 2 weekends ago(Feb 4th) we rented a car to go to Port Alfred for the day. Our original plan was to rent the car and go to a game park, but when we called for a car they didn’t have any until later and it was rainy. We ended up getting the car around 5pm on Sat. During the day we walked around town. We went to CafĂ© Devine which lives up to its name! I got an omelet and it was fantastic. I also got a smoothie. It was made with all real fruit. It wasn’t my favorite(favourite) because it was really chunky, but it still tasted good! After we got the car we went out to eat at a restaurant called Spur. I got a quesadilla. I was craving one soo bad! I still have yet to try a traditional meal, but all the restaurants we have been to haven’t really had anything to exotic. Any who, so on Sunday we decided to go to Port Alfred. We heard it was beautiful which it was! Hopefully I can figure out how to post pictures on my blog to show you guys! So we got up early to go to the beach and guess what? We got a flat tire! We were driving a long and BOOM! (We think we hit a pothole). Man I have bad luck with cars. The best part was it happened right in front of the Welcome sign haha. So Holly kind of knew how to fix a flat and same with Summer so we pulled over a decided to fix it. There was a jack and a tire in the car. A few cars helped, but no one stopped UNTIll do do do dooooooo a red car that passed us turned around! It was a young guy in his twenties who was driving his mom and girlfriend to Port Alfred. His mom said that he asked if he could turn around and help the three girls back there. Luckily he did! It took him like 15 mins. We would have been there a lot longer haha. So after that was fixed we were on our way. Two side notes. Most of the cars here are stick and luckily Summer knows how to drive it so she was our driver and they drive on the other side of the road haha. Still hard to get use to. When I get in the car sometimes I go to the drives side by mistake. When we left for the beach it was a little rainy, but while we were eating lunch(I forget the name of the restaurant , but it was outside overlooking the water) the clouds moved out so by the time we went to the beach it was clear and sunny! The beach was sooo pretty! It’s the Indian Ocean! There were sand dunes everywhere. There were also a lot of jagged rocks and shells. We didn’t bring our swimsuits so we just got our toes wet, took pics, walked, collected shells, then just sat and listen to the ocean. It was very relaxing. After a few hours we headed home and had an un eventful trip. We passed some township homes. These homes are shacks. They look like ragged shacks that is barley standing that use to be used for storage. They are made out of tin.
Nothing to excited has been happening at school. I gave the kids a spelling test. This was the first time they had trouble understanding me haha. I had to repeat the words in context about 3 times and sometimes my teacher would have to repeat the word so they could understand. My stupid accent! The grade threes are practicing for the ball and they are coming a long great! I am taking over a lot more in the classroom. My mentor teacher and I are getting along great. That’s really about it. The kids still like me. I still like them. Although I am sooo exhausted!! Teaching all day is a lot of work!
Some random things. Horn=hooter, Eraser=rubber. They also say shame man and shame a lot.

Sorry if they are a lot of typos. I am trying to get these posted because I am so far behind. I have read through it a few times, but I am sure I missed somethings. I will go back and edit soon : )

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