Monday, 20 February 2012

Weekend of Feb 11th

So this is from last weekend (Feb 11th) I can’t  wait until I am all caught up! I feel like I am leaving out so much which makes me sad!!

So this past weekend I had sooooo much fun!!!! We rented a car again. On Saturday we went to Kuantu Elephant Reserve and Kuantu Game Park. Both were AMAZING! At the elephant reserve we got a mini show and got to see just how smart elephants are. We got to ride an elephant and we also go to feed them!! All I can say is wow!! So when it came to riding the elephants I was at the end of the line of 5 people because I was scared. I know it sounds silly, but I am scared of heights. I also had a bad experience while riding a horse so I have been scared to ride a horse since and I mean HELLO an elephant is just a little bigger than a horse haha. Anyway, I’m at the end of the line then he calls me to go first! Ummm no? haha BUT I ended up doing it. I am pretty sure I cried a little bit. At first it felt like I was going to fall off. I was sitting on a blanket on the elephants back and holding on to the guide who was sitting in front of me. I didn’t feel very secure! After a while I got the hang of it! We went through a field that had zebra, buck, and other small game. The guide also told me about the elephants. Did you know that they have no bones in their feet? My guide was from Zimbabwe and his accent was kind of thick, but he was very nice! The name of my elephant was Amarillo(yes like the drink haha).The other guide took pictures which was really nice of him! He got some good ones. Sadly my camera died, BUT my roomies had theirs so it was all good! After we finished riding we got to feed them. When all that was finished we had about 2 hours to take a five min drive up the road to the game park where we would have a snack, go on a three hour game drive, and have dinner. Well thank goodness we had about 2 hours to get there! We ended up almost going to Port Elizabeth which is about an hour away. Oh remind you, we also got a little confused getting to the Elephant reserve as well. We aren’t very good at reading signs apparently. So yea we missed the sign for the game reserve and got there about an hour later. The same family that did the elephants with us were doing the game drive. They asked if we were following them. I jokingly said if we were we wouldn’t have gotten lost haha. The family is from Whales. There was what looked to be a 9 yr old boy, 6 yr old girl and mom and dad. They were very nice! The game reserve was sooooooo beautiful and relaxing. You walk in and it is like an elegant, welcoming hotel lobby. We hung around for about another hour and we had lovely snacks. Then it was time for the drive! For this drive we were driven around in a Landy. It is like the type you see on TV for the safaris! It was soooo cool, windy, bumpy! Holly and I sat in the way back. Apparently it is the worst place to sit because you get the most air, but it was a lot of fun! We got blankets halfway through because with the wind it was chilly. They call the brush the African Highway : ) We saw zebra, buck and a lot of other animals, but sadly no lions or giraffe. They saw the giraffes earlier and weren’t sure where they were. Our guide joked around and said maybe they took a vacation to the states. We also got to go to the cat sanctuary. There they had Cheetah, a pride of lions and a baby tiger. All but one of the lions was rehabbing to go back into the wild and you could tell! The little girl had a giraffe had on that had dangly legs and a long neck. The cats started following it! It was good for pictures, but scary! The cats starting growling and stalking the hat! The little boy also ran a few times when no running was allowed so it got the cats a little wound up haha. The sanctuary was so cool! One of the lions(the one who cant go back into the wild) was kept as some ones pet! : ( After the AMAZING drive we came back to the main place and waited for dinner. Before dinner there was entertainment. We didn’t know what it was going to be. We were hoping for a tribal dance, but no such luck. It ended up being a guy who brought in a huge snake and talked about how not dangerous they are and that the movies give them a bad reputation. It was very informative. At the end we got to hold the snake! I did it, but then again I am not that scared of snakes unlike some people. There was a lady who was terrified of snakes! In the beginning he brought out a bag and the lady freaked out because she assumed it was a snake(that was the point that we have a fear of what we don’t know and understand) Her husband was also scared, but at the end the husband came up and the lady touched it! It was so cool! After the show we had and had an amazing dinner! We sat down and had a full 3 course meal! It was so tasty : ) After dinner we headed back home.

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