Thursday, 2 February 2012

Week 2 already?

            So much has happened this week and it’s only halfway through! On Monday, my teacher had to spontaneously leave for two hours so I was left to teach the class ALL BY MYSELF!! I was super nervous, but I knew I could handle it(even if I didn’t think I could, I didn’t have much of a choice haha). The kids were pretty well-behaved. I think the students finally began to realize that I mean business and I am a teacher. They were rowdy, and I was told to take down names of students who didn’t listen. I wrote 2 names on the board and gave them a chance to be taken down, but the students failed to change their behavior so I had to tell my teacher. The students completed all the work I gave them on time. : ) As nervous as I was, I am so glad I got a chance to handle 35 students by myself. Even though I had to be a little strict, but the kids still love me : )
            Yesterday I took over reading groups. The children partnered up and got to pick a book. They are going to read this book for about 2 days, then report to the rest of the group and then switch books. The groups are based on ability and some groups were more challenging than others. It’s not the fact that some kids don’t get it, it’s just that some don’t want to listen to me AT ALL, which is so frustrating. Some groups work really well together and others don’t. This goes for maths as well.
            Today (Wednesday) I took over maths. We worked on place-value with the boards. The lowest group is really struggling. This is apparent when they work with me, and when they do work on their own. After school, I marked papers with my teacher and realized just how little some students understand. I’m glad I got to see who the struggling students are, but now the challenge is to somehow reach these children so they understand it.
            Today in the meeting with all the teachers I learned something interesting. After grade 3 at Oatlands the only option for public schooling in town is an all boys or all girls school. There is very limited space in both schools. About only 5 girl spots and 10 boy spots. This means that some children are going to have no place to go. Apparently, it was brought to a higher authority that Oatlands should add on and go up to grade 7. This is cause for a lot of argument. Many teachers don’t want it to go higher then Prep(which is grade 3), but others know that the kids have nowhere to go after this. Tricky tricky. This has been going on since 2010.
            Let’s see what else. I am pretty much doing reading groups and maths groups right now. My teacher is doing one or the other at the same time. I also help the kids with spelling and make sure they are on track. I am starting to write lesson plans and have the rest of my 6 weeks planned out! Everything is still going great! Week 2 is almost over which is crazy!
            Oh yea. So there is no air-conditioning here so the windows are constantly open. So on Monday when I got home from school, my whole bedroom was covered in flies! They were babies that just hatched. So I had to go on a killing spree. Then last night when I went to bed I saw 2 spiders crawling on the wall. I look up above the shower and there is about 70 little baby spiders that also just hatched! WHAT THE HECK?! I seriously screamed, cried, and got goose bumps! Bah. So I went to bed without doing anything, and when I got up in the morning there was only about 15 left. Not sure where they went. So I sprayed and now I think the problem is fixed haha

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