Monday, 20 February 2012

Last weekend! I think I am caught up!!

The highlight of my weeks are defiantly Weds when I get to help out with tap! I got a pair of shoes so I can dance along with them. At the very end after practicing the dance I taught them a new step and showed a few people what wings were. Their faces were priceless! A lot of them tried and it was so funny to watch! When I walked out EVERYONE wanted to see it. I am sure this Wednesday I will have to show everyone haha. Tap is one of my favorite things to do and to be able to help teach a class in South Africa is sooooo cool!! The kids also love that I am there watching and doing it with them : )

Last week teaching went well. I did my first supervised lesson on time in small groups and it went well. The kids are still crazy. We did painting on Fri and I had to take the paintings away from a few because they were ruining other peoples paintings. On Friday after school we had a games night. All the kids were welcomed to come to the school at 5:30-7(if they pained R35) to come play games created by the teachers, eat hot dogs, and play in the bouncy house and on the playground. We had a great turn out and made a good profit. At our station they children made hats. We found this old recycled paper with cool old flower patters. We pre-cut them so they made cones and the kids made the cones, stapled it, but streamers made out of paper on top and then we punched to holes and put elastic on them so they looked like party hats! The kids LOVED them! I thought it was cool how we made the streamers It was strips of recycled paper and we used scissors to curl it(like you do with ribbon).
After games night I came home changed and we went out to the college bar The Rat and Parrot! Such a good time, but you guys don’t need details : )
We went to a bigger game park called Schotia. We drove around in a Landy. This drive was fantastic! It started at 2:30 and right off the bat we saw a whole pride of wild lions. They were bathing in the sun and up on the hill you can see the buck. The bucks were staring right at the lions. You could tell the lions weren’t going to attack them quite yet. The lions had cubs too! We got very close to a nursing lion. I got a video of it! We also got about 3 feet away from one. On this drive we saw rhino, all kinds of buck, giraffe, zebra, warthog, HIPPO, alligator hmm I am probably forgetting some. There were two hippos. They weren’t very active the first time we past the damn, but the second time they were very playful and active. Sadly at this time my camera died, BUT it was still so cool to see. They would open their mouths and chomp the water. Half way we stopped at this little house. It was like a western style bar. It was so cool. We also passed a collection of bones! On the way to dinner, we also passed the lions again. All of them, but the cubs were in the same spot. The cubs were all very close to the road playing with each other. It was so cute! They were pouncing and tackling each other. I got some video of it! We stopped at about 6:30 to eat dinner. It was a big hut, with a fire bit in the middle and little paths to different tables. The bathrooms were in the busy! There was a path that led inside a hill where the toilets were! It was so cool! We ate a traditional South Africa meal. We also got to know the people in our car a little bit better. There was a gay couple from Holland/Amsterdam and an older couple from Germany. They German couple spoke no English so our tour guide spoke both English and German. The gay couple spoke both(along with many other languages). Everyone was very friendly. After dinner we went on a spotlight NIGHT drive. The lions were in the same spot, but this time they were hunting the buck! They were all in a circle around the buck. There was also a little cub hunting a skunk hahaha. We could hear him yapping and running around. So any who this pack of lions were circling the buck and they went for the kill! Sadly thy didn’t make it : ( I personally was a little scared because I didn’t not want to hear the noises of the kill, BUT It would have been awesome to see. Did you know that only 30% of lion’s kills are successful? With that being said we were lucky to even see an attempt!  After we saw the attempted hunt we went back to camp and headed home. Such an AWESOME experience.

On Sunday we drove down to Port Elizabeth. Summer stayed there for 1 week before she came up here so she knew her way around. We wanted to go to a shop, but with the shops closing at 1 we didn’t make it in time, but it was ok! We got out at a shopping mall and walked around a bit then headed to a small game park. At this game park you drive yourself. We saw zebra, giraffe, rhino, and a lot of buck. We got to see them even closer than the other parks. A lot of them walked right up to the car. I wanted to pet them! It was pretty neat to be able to navigate it yourself! At the end of the drive we got to pet 2 Cheetahs! Yes you heard me right!! We went into the cage and got to sit with them and pet them! It was so cool and kind of scary! They were tamed, but at the same time they are never completely tamed. I can’t even put into words how cool it was! When we were finished with the Cheetahs we did a monkey walk. We crossed a ragged old swinging bridge(it reminded me of Indiana Jones) and did this walk through the woods. There were wooden boards throughout kinda like a boardwalk. Part of it overlooked the wild cheetahs and we managed to see a wild one! It was pretty cool, but sadly we didn’t see any monkeys L When we finished the monkey walk we headed home. Port Elizabeth is about 1:30 away from Grahamstown. It is where I flew into. On the way back we stopped to get a picture in front of the “Welcome to Grahamstown” sign and we stopped at Ginos(an Italian restaurant). They had AWESOME pizza. I got bacon, onion, and olives. They make the pizza on a wooden brick and stick it in a stone oven. The pizzas in South Africa are a little different. There isn’t a lot of sauce and the toppings are different. They are good, but I think the US has better : ) We went to Pick n Pay after dinner, returned the car then walked back. It was about 10:30 by the time this was all finished and I was so exhausted. I went to bed right away!

Since today is Monday I might as well update you on my teaching day. My teacher came up to me at 7:25(5 mins before school starts) telling me that she has an abscess in her tooth and she has to leave and won’t be back for the rest of the day. She gave me the lesson plans and I was on my own. With that being said the day went VERY well! I introduced a new classroom management technique. It gets them to be quiet faster than the bell, but like always they don’t stay quiet long, but hey we will work on it! Today was VERY hot so during dancing we sat and listened to music then did some fun dances like the Chicken Dance and Simon Says. It was crazy within 20 mins of school being out a crazy thunderstorm came through! Luckily I got a lift home. The lighting was so close with the thunder following seconds behind and sometimes! I can’t believe I am done teaching in 2 weeks! It has gone by so fast! I am also very excited to have my mom come down for a week and explore South Africa!

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  1. Sean, you are becoming a local, you got a "lift". haha

    I personally would like more details about the Parrot bar but I guess I can wait to hear it in person ;)

    It's so cool that you are getting so much responsibility with your class. Such an amazing and rare opportunity!

    Looking forward to the next post. Have fun!!