Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Just another day teaching in South Africa

Today is just going to be a short blog entry. In class the kids were reciting the alphabet. It was the same tune as ours BUT they pronounce some of the letters different so it sounds soooo different! I noticed while working with the children throughout these 5 weeks that I and E make the same sounds and they ask me which one I mean. There are also a few more I just can’t remember. Isn’t that kind of cool? It makes teaching a little bit more of a challenge, but it’s all good.
Let’s see. What are other phrases that I want to let you know about. Oh tekkies are sneakers. Kookies(sp) are markers. Also, today I got offered “cantaloupe” but that’s not what it's called here. They call it Spunk-Speck. It is Afrikans. One of the kids offered me one and asked if I have ever had it. While I was looking at it I was thinking to myself “hmm it looks like a cantaloupe.” Then I tried some and yup indeed it was haha.  Random thought I know. Thursday I am getting observed by professor for the last time. Last week she watched me for the first time. This time I am doing a large group life skills lesson so it will be a different atmosphere. I am hoping it goes well. At this point the kids are use to me and respect me somewhat, but kids will be kids so you never know until the day of!

Oh I know I am not supposed to have favorites, but I must say that Loyiso is such a cool kid and will be famous someday! This kid has bad ADHD. He is well behaved he just has a very hard time staying on task. He loves to draw and comes up with all these brilliant ideas! I mean brilliant. The littlest things will trigger these inventions. Today while reading he came up to me and told me an idea and said he got it from looking at a picture in the book we were reading. The other day after lunch he shows me a milk carton and asks if I will be here for show and tell because he is going to make this milk carton something amazing, but he can’t tell me. When we walk down the hall he always wants to talk. He is very tall and he told me, “Miss. Brown what if I keep growing? I will be able to BEAT everyone that I race.” He has such a great imagination. He also wants me to take him back to the USA so he can get a massage hahahaha. Oh, Loyiso. I could go on an on. I normally don’t post about specific kids, but he is something special.
Well that’s about it! I will be home in 2.5 weeks and then on to teaching kindergarten!

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