Saturday, 21 January 2012

We went exploring...

Today I went exploring. We got lost about 3 times, BUT we managed to find where we were going every time haha. We walked uptown for the afternoon. On the way we passed our schools. I cannot wait for Monday! It is so hilly and so pretty. English is not the first language here. There is actually over 11 different ones spoken in Grahamstown! Crazy, but soooo cool.  Uptown we went to the grocery store. There are some many new things I want to try! It is about 80 degrees heren so after we got back from our day of exploring we hung out and waited for dinner. Professor Baxens son is going to college in the sates so she made a last meal for him. Fish, pasta, and salad. So tasty.
After dinner I skyped my aunt and uncle. I also I got to talk to their cat, dog and 3 neighbors. I loved it! It felt like I was at home with them : ) The only request my cousin Bonnie has is to get a nice picture of a lion and Phillip wants me to get a picture of a Wessel haha I love them!  I also gave them a tour of the house and they got to meet my professor!! Skype is awesome! After that I talked to my parents they got the tour and met my proff also. I got to say hi to my 3 cats. Home got so much snow! Crazy!
Tomorrow the plan is to walk back uptown and rent a phone and look at some shops. The shops close at 1 so we didn’t have time today because it took us 1hr 30mins to get there by foot when it should have taken 15 20. We are also going up to Port Elizabeth(PE) to drop her son off at the airport. We plan on doing some shopping also. So she said on the drive from PE to here she was surprised I didn’t see any wild game like giraffe or zebra so I am excited to hopefully see some tomorrow! I love it here! Welp that’s about it!

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