Friday, 20 January 2012

I have arrived!

I am officially at my final destination!! The long flight was not too bad. I switched my seat so no one was sitting next to me : ) I watched Moneyball, My Sisters Keeper, and some documentary on tigers. I think 12 hours is my limit on a plane haha I was so antsy to get off. I slept the whole 1 hour flight from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth. No joke I was asleep before takeoff and woke up when we hit the ground. After I landed I got my luggage and looked for my shuttle. I found my shuttle and was on my merry way to the awesome little town of Grahamstown. Oh my gosh the drive was soo pretty! Later when I was talking with my advisor she asked if I saw any big game. She said there are normally Zebras and Giraffe! Sadly I didn’t see any. I actually fell asleep for most of the drive. I didn’t mean to: ( haha
So I got to the house and no one was there so I waited with the shuttle guy and called my supervisor( I am staying at her house). She told me someone should be there so I had to wait a little, but all was good. Instead of staying at the flat which is attached I am staying in the main house. I have my own room. The house is pretty cool! There is no air conditioning, but all the windows and doors(besides the front are left open). There is a nice backyard. There is a cool garden, lots of bird feeders and a futon that is covered by a patio so its great for outside lounging. I think I am going to be spending a lot of time there : ) It is nice to be in nice weather and get some fresh air. Apparently I missed a huge snow storm back home?! Looks like I’m going to miss most of winter. Darn ; )
After I got settled in Dr. Baxen drove us  uptown and treated us to dinner at the Yellow Door which is  a cute little restaurant. We all got Calamari.  I came home showered, skyped some people and now I am writing this haha. Leave me your skype if you want! Mine is SeanBrown13!
Grahamstown is a small town. It is old and very hilly. The views are pretty cool. You look outside and you can see the hills! Pictures will come! I plan on doing a historic tour tomorrow and walking around and exploring. I cannot believe that I am here! I am getting use to Military time. It is not hard to figure out, but it is hard to process. I need to count on my fingers. Ummm I am sure there is lots more I need to tell you guys, but I am too sleepy to remember haha
Lots of Love,

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