Sunday, 29 January 2012

Holy cow! It has been 1 week!

Wed Jan 25th
Today was a busy day. First grades 2 and 3 meet to practice/make perfect the Oatlands song. I got to learn it too. I would tell it to you but umm yea I kind of forget it already. The tune is definately in my head, but only bits and pieces of the song are coming to me. It’s late haha We learned more about bullying. I helped the children with spelling and putting words in their dictionaries. I also watched how to do maths(this is right. They call it maths not math haha). Today they worked on place value in a very cool way! But it’s too hard to explain haha. They also did bridging in a different way. Example for the equation 9 + 4 it was broken down as so xxxxxxxxx oooo. They circled 10 so the 9 x’s and 1 o would be circled. Below that would be (9 + 1) + 3. Then below that would be 10+3 and below that would be 13. This is so that when they add another number it will be easier to see. She made a word problem to go with this. The children are also working on counting by 3’s and 4’s as well as flash cards with basic addition facts. Maths are done based on ability. The groups have about 11 children in them and we meet on the floor. The other children are reading and working in their books.
Today was also hot dog day. The children are required to pack a healthy lunch every day but for R10 they can get hotdogs on Weds and for R20 cupcakes on Fri. Apparently some children took hot dogs that they didn’t pay for so we had a miscount. I had to go down and make the hot dogs in the microwave hahaha, but no worries I saved the day. Next Wed we are doing it a different way to make sure that only the children that paid get them. During lunch 2 children offered me some of their food. One was called a cheddar. It is almost like a cheddar pancake and I have NO idea what the other thing was. It was almost like a fruit roll up and it tasted kind of like orange? Anyway I’m not sure if I would say they were my favorite, but hey nothing wrong with trying new food.
After school I watched the tap class. The day before I told the kids I would go down so today when I was five minutes late they were looking for me haha. I went to the teachers’ lounge right before to get water and apparently all the girls and boy(but as of today boys) were looking for me. The class is soooo good! They have rhythm. I can’t wait to do it every Wednesday. The teacher wants me to show her some moves : )
After I got home I took a long nap. I am so worn out! Student teaching takes a lot out of you. This weekend I plan on going to Port Alfred. I’m very excited to do more exploring! It has a ton of pretty beaches!
Sunday Jan 30th
So I forgot to post the pervious post so I am just going to add on the weekend. A week has gone by! How crazy is that? The rest of the week was pretty uneventful. I started teaching reading groups. That is a challenge. Big groups, lots of noise and it’s way different than how we do it in the states. I worked with a lower level maths group and got addition with double digits to click! I was so excited and all the kids were excited to work with me and told me I was a good teacher. I also taught my first lesson! It went fantastic! I did it on bullying. I was given a worksheet, but I decided to make everything on the sheet interactive. The teacher thought it went great and she told me she learned good teaching strategies from me. I had the kids come up to the front of the room a lot, which they loved. The students are starting to warm up to me and respect me. I love the school and feel like I am fitting in great.
This weekend we went out to the movies and saw Sherlock Holmes. It was a great movie, BUT there were a lot of high school/middle school boarding students there that talked the whole time. After the movie we went to the Rat and Parrot(a bar where the college kids hang). Even though the college kids aren’t back yet there were still a few there. A few guys came up to us and we chatted. They were super nice. Today(Sunday) we ran into them again after we went to the Botanical Gardens. They invited us to a Game Park next weekend and took down our professor’s number (since we don’t have phones yet) haha. They are really nice and it is cool to actually have friends! So yea today we went to the Botanical Gardens. It was so pretty and peaceful. We had lunch there. We took a path that took us to the top of the mountain and the view was spectacular. I will try to post pictures to my blog asap. I am having trouble with that at the moment. It was sooooo hot today so after we did the gardens( we only saw half because it was so big) we went to the Delizza and got some smoothies and pizza. We then ventured home and have been relaxing ever since. I got some sun and am super tired. Sorry I haven’t posted for a while. I have been so busy, which is a good thing : ) Still loving it here, but starting to miss home. I skyped my parents and cats today haha : ) My skype is SeanBrown13 so add me! I would love to talk to you!

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  1. Sean I think I figured out skyping. When is a good time for you so we can try it. Love your Blog.