Sunday, 22 January 2012

The end of a great first weekend!

Today was fun! I am finally getting use to the way to go to town so we have started taking different routes. Everything closes at 13:00 hours on the weekend so we didnt get to go into too many places, but we shopped around a little. Holly got this awesome dress for 10 us dollars! It’s so pretty! I loved looking at all the shoes. They have some nice sandals so I think I am going to buy some for teaching. We got smoothies at the place we went to yesterday Delizzia. It was the only thing open. I got a tasty Apple and Raspberry smoothie! yuumm. We ran into one of Professor Baxens friends we meet yesterday. She came and said hi to us and introduced us to her daughter. They were both so nice! See day one and we already know some locals.

When we got home we both took naps .Oh so I have a set of keys. There are 4 keys. Back door, 2 front, and one random. Today professor Baxen had to drop her son off at the airport so I was in charge of locking up and setting up the alarm system. It took us a while, but we got it! haha
After we took our naps we made dinner in the flat. It was good. We made rice, veggies, and steak. We mixed it with a bunch of spices that were left over. When we finished with dinner we talked to Professor about teaching and tomorrow. I am in a public school that use to be all white but now blacks are allowed. It is a public school and in my school for a lot of children English is not their first language spoken. I am beyond excited but so nervous at the same time. School starts at 7:30 and is out by 1ish and then we do extracurricular which are normally ball skills and I should be back at the house by 3. I get to pick which one I get to help with. So pumped!
Well now I just got out of the shower. I am drinking tea and about to go to bed. I have a big day tomorrow!


Oh also I got some sun today! haha

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