Thursday, 19 January 2012

And the Adventure Begins

Hey guys,
I am currently staying at Yotel in London’s Heathrow airport. It is so cool! It is like a tiny time room with a bed, tv, sink, shower, toilet, mirror and table all in one! I tried to take a pic, but it’s so compacted I couldn’t get it all in. The bed is built into the wall and the tv is at the foot of the bed in the wall. Its very interesting, but such a good idea considering my layover is 8 hours. I left Cleveland at 7pm, got to Chicago, and 6:59pm I believe? Weird I know with the time change haha and I got to London at about 11:15am. So it was a 1 hour flight followed by a 7 hour, now a 8 hour layover followed by a 12 hour flight to Cape Town then 2 hour flight to Port Elizabeth and FINALLY a 1 hr 30 min shuttle to my final destination Grahamstown South Africa!! I will be arriving around 2pm their time which is about 7am your time( 7 hour time difference).

Well any who travels have been go so far. No one sat next to me on either flight(lucky I know) so I got to spread out. There was a lot of bad turbulence on this last flight and it scared me because I was sleeping and would wake up because of it! I  Had to ask a ton of questions to find this place haha this airport as a lot of looooonnnnnngggggg "hall" ways to get to your destination, but they are all glass so you can see outside! This airport is HUGE! I had to go through customs. So I got a London stamp on my passport. YES!

I am still nervous about traveling, meeting my supervisor, mentor teacher and students, but I am sooo beyond excited! Words can’t even describe the feeling!! I hope to update this blog as much as possible including pictures of my adventures so make sure to check in and save the link!

Well I am going and try and take a quick nap.  I don’t want to sleep to long, but at the same time I have a KILLER headache because I have only slept 2 hours in the past 24 haha.
Thanks so much for all the support you guys are giving me!

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  1. ahhhh, i love you so much and enjoyed reading your first post! keep them coming <3