Monday, 23 January 2012

1st day=AMAZING

I don’t know where to begin. Today was the first day of school and it was amazing. They started out downstairs for assembly. This happens every Monday. The kid’s line up, by class and the teachers are in the front. Today I walked in with the principal. When the principal walks in everyone is quiet. They greet the principal and teachers by saying, “Good morning Mrs….Good morning Mrs…and so on”  I got introduced and when she said what class I was in all the students in my class said YESSSS and got very excited. After the children sat down they sang a song and prayed the Our Father. When that was finished they had a mini lesson on movies and how things in the movies are not real. If someone gets shot they are still really alive and how behavior that we see in movies is not acceptable at recess because it is dangerous and someone can really get hurt.
When we got to class I introduced myself. All the children were amazed that I was from America and that it was snowing! I watched the students for a little and called them up one by one to measure them in centimeters. After that I then took them out one at a time to do reading level tests. They are actually reading ages rather than levels. When I came in she had different groups, some were reading some were doing math bundles and others were at their seat. I am sure tomorrow I will really get a chance to see what they were doing. I love that I actually did work today! Most of my students are black and English is not their first language. It is a little bit of a barrier, but I am sure I will overcome it quickly : )
There are 2 breaks during the day. The children eat lunch during the first one in the classroom. There is no cafeteria and each student must pack a lunch. I went down to the teachers area. Most teachers ate fruit and drank tea. During the second break the teachers are free to do whatever. After the second break I was in charge of having the students copy the homework that was on the board and have them get packed up and lined up for dance. This was a scary task. There are 34 children in my class! Lots of names to memorize and half of them I cannot pronounce. Well anyway I did it successfully without supervision. I was proud of myself haha  One girl came up to me and gave  me a BIG hug and wanted to be with me the rest of the day.
So apparently there is a grade 3 ball so the children are learning how to Waltz and another kind of dance but I forget what it’s called haha. SO CUTE! The boys and girls were on different sides of the room. The girls were taught backward and the boys forward. I had to help some of them out. So fun! They practiced 1,2,3 all the way up and down the hall. When the bell rang the students were dismissed for home. On the way out they got sprayed with a squirt bottle. It’s so hot!
After class got out I chatted with my teacher. On the way out I had to walk to the gate and one of my students was out there so I said bye to her. She followed me and said “Ms Brown if you love to dance why don’t you try out for So You Think You Can Dance?”  I had t explain to her that I am not THAT good haha and we talked a little more about tv shows.  So after that I said goodbye again and had to walk to the other side of the gate because I didn’t know how to get out. She stayed up there and about a minute later ran up to me and gave me a huge hug!
My first day was fantastic. I am so excited to go back tomorrow and spend six weeks in this school. I know it is going to go by so fast, but I hope not to fast!

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  1. That's so great Sean!! The kids are so lucky to have you in their class :)

    Cant wait to read more!